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ITbrain Backup:Custom File Retention Period

It is always good to have different versions of a backed-up file: It creates a history you can refer to, and the effort to recreate the work already invested can be reduced to a minimum. Each time a file is backed up, a new version of that file is created in the ITbrain Backup cloud. Every single version of a file will be kept for a specific amount of time before it is purged. The amount of time each file version is kept in the cloud is called the file retention period.

  • Set up your file retention period
    • ITbrain Backup users are now able to set up the amount of time their file versions should be kept in the ITbrain Backup cloud. That helps them to efficiently use their backup storage. All versions of a file will expire within the next 24 hours after the amount of time set by the user. The retention period settings will be applied to all the devices under the user account.
  • How to set the retention period
    • It is very simple to set up your retention period: Sign in with your TeamViewer account to the Management Console, then refer to the Backup Tab and set the desired retention period under the global settings tab and save your changes.