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ITbrain Backup: Restore to another Device

The new restore option “Restore to another Device” will allow ITbrain Backup admin/user to perform a restore remotely to any device through the ITbrain Backup dashboard.

That gives the admin/user the ability to restore data when the original device is damaged. 

Follow the steps below to restore file(s)/folder(s) to another device

  1. Sign into the Management Console
  2. Go to the Backup tab and select a device on your devices list with backup
  3. Select Restore to another device under the Restore actions1_restore-to-another-device1.png 
  4. Select the files to be restored1_select file to restore.png 
  5. Select the device on which you want to restore the data1_select the device.png 
  6. Specify the restore location on the remote device1_specify where to restore.png  
    • New location:
      • The data will be restored in the Restoration path 
        • E.g.: if the user gives the location C:\users\JohnDoe\documents, the data will be restored in C:\users\JohnDoe\documents on the remote device.
    • Original location:
      • The files will be restored to the same location as they were on the original device (the device where the backup is running)
        • E.g.: if we restore pictures from C:\Users\Public\Pictures the same file structure will be created on the remote device so the data will be available in C:\Users\Public\Pictures on the remote device.
  7. The restore hast triggered.1_file triggered.png


  • Important: Please note that the remote device must stay online while the restore is running.