ITbrain is now: TeamViewer Remote Management!

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ITbrain is now: TeamViewer Remote Management!

Dear Users,

Please join us in celebrating ITbrain’s brand new name, TeamViewer Remote Management.


What does this mean for you?

The product and all our services have been renamed to the following:

ITbrain Monitoring & Asset Management is now TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management


ITbrain Anti-Malware is now TeamViewer Endpoint Protection


ITbrain Backup is now TeamViewer Backup


The notifications will now be sent from

The installation folders have not been changed. However, they will be renamed in the future, and you will receive an email upon completion.

To improve your user experience, we have completely redesigned the Management Console to give you a simpler view of, and faster access to, your devices.

Now you can quickly see the current state of our services:

  • When a service is not activated
  • When a service is activated
  • When a license has expired

MCO_overview_logo.pngAdditionally, we’ve also improved our reporting of when endpoints are activated in Endpoint Protection and Monitoring & Asset Management, by adding the date of activation. Now, the user can see exactly when the service has been installed on the device, and the list of endpoints can be exported to a CSV file for use in additional programs.


We’ve also improved the experience for users managing a large number of devices with other colleagues or supporters. Now, there is the easy rollout.

All administrators within TeamViewer are now able to activate Endpoint Protection and Monitoring & Asset Management services in a simple and clean way for endpoints within a shared group, even if they are not the owner of the endpoint.

  • Shared groups of computers within the company will now display the activation option for Endpoint Protection and Monitoring & Asset Management services.
  • The only requirement for the easy roll-out to work is that the User Permissions are set for the account:
    • User Management à User Permissions
    • Manage and assign Policies permission should be set up for the account.

Note: TeamViewer Backup is not covered with this feature due to the sensitive nature of the backed-up data and encryption. This will follow in a later time.

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Re: ITbrain is now: TeamViewer Remote Management!

That makes sense, I suggest your product webpage is updated to reflect that too.