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Introducing Monitoring & Asset Management for Linux

We are happy to announce Linux support for Monitoring & Asset Management! 

Now you can check the online state, get alerted if the Memory or CPU resources are getting low, monitor available volume space, and get notified when a process is running or not running on the machine. 


You can view and export a list of manually installed packages and installed hardware. We also added special visibility for the distribution version and kernel for easy troubleshooting. 

Asset Mgmt.png



    • Works with Debian 9 or newer.
      • Can be activated on many Debian distributions such as GRML, Kali Linux, Purism Pure OS, Tails, Ubuntu.
    • Works with Raspbian Stretch and newer(Raspberry 2, 3 and newer).
    • Works with Debian ARM (should work with other ARM Debian distributions although not tested internally)
    • Needs TeamViewer 14.1.9025 released on 2019-01-21 or newer.
    • Account should be added via TeamViewer Options (Account Assignment). 
    • The unattended password needs to be set.
    • Can be activated from the Management Console (groups tab or Monitoring tab).
    • Can be activated from TeamViewer for Windows partner list, with 14.1.9025 released on 2019-01-21.

Note: For the multiple operating system selection to appear in the policy, please create a new policy and the Linux selection will appear for the supported checks.

Note: If you encounter any problems while activating or working with Monitoring & Asset Management on other Debian distros, please let us know by writing a post in the Monitoring & Asset Management board or contacting our support team.


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