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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Introducing TeamViewer Endpoint Protection for macOS

We are happy to announce macOS support for Endpoint Protection! 

Now you can protect macOS devices against malicious software. 

It works the same as the Endpoint Protection on Windows. You can schedule scans, turn on Real-Time protection, and add paths to be skipped from scans if needed. Everything can be controlled by one policy for both macOS and Windows.


  • Works with the latest version of TeamViewer 14 (14.5.1691) and newer. 
  • Runs on macOS:
    • Siera, 10.12
    • High Siera, 10.13
    • Mojave, 10.14
    • Catalina 10.15 ( after the official release)


  • From the Management Console:
    • Single activation, from the Available services section of the computer in the groups
    • Bulk or single activation wizard from Endpoint Protection tab "+" sign
  • From TeamViewer client Windows
    • Computers and Contacts list, Available services section "Activate" button.
  • From TeamViewer client macOS
    • Support will be added soon


  • After activation, the package is downloaded on the remote device and will install itself without user interaction.
  • Installation takes about 10 seconds.
  • Malware definition updates start immediately after, taking about 1 minute (depending on internet connection), the size is about 250MB.
  • The Quick scan starts right after definitions are up to date and can take between 5-15 minutes, depending on the machine and currently running applications.

Special permissions for macOS

  • As we all know macOS is a special type of ecosystem where Apple added various processes when installing applications to protect the machines and user data. 
  • Upon the first installation, the end-user will be prompted to allow the kernel extension which is responsible with Real-Time protection operations.
    • This end-user approval is needed only once upon the first installation. 
    • TeamViewer Endpoint Protection uses the Bitdefender engine.

Kernel extensionKernel extension

Kernel extension approvalKernel extension approval

Note: If you encounter any problems while activating or working with Endpoint Protection on macOS, please let us know by writing a post in the Endpoint Protection board or contacting our support team.

Product Owner, Remote Management services.