It’s here! Automation for Patch Management

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It’s here! Automation for Patch Management

We have released policies for Patch Management. This allows users to set up predefined conditions for automatic patch deployment.
In Asset Management, under the “Device” tab, users can now see a policy section. Here, users can define and select policies for automatic patch deployment.

Under the same tab, on the top, a new button for policies is also available.

After clicking on the policy button, users will see the Patch Management policies section.

In this window, users can create new policies and delete or edit existing ones. From the 3 dots menu, users can duplicate polices. For creating a new policy, users need to click the “+” button on the right-hand bottom side. After creating a new policy, users will see the -menu displayed below.

The policy needs to have a name (this is a mandatory field) and each policy can contain up to 5 conditions. In each condition, users can set the necessary criteria and schedule for automatic patch deployment. Each condition has several fields which need to be filled in order to be able to save the condition. These fields are:

  • Software vendor severity
    • (Critical, Important, Low, Not Rated)
  • Patch classification
    • OS Patches
    • 3rd Party Patches
  • Patch Type
    • Security
    • Non-Security
  • Scheduled time for deployment.
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • When available

Creating a policy without any defined conditions will trigger no actions.

After adding the required conditions and assigning policies to devices, the system will automatically check the set conditions, and will trigger the deployment for those patches which comply with the predefined conditions.

Note:For keeping your devices secure after the first policy assignment, the system will check the conditions and will immediately apply deployment for those missing patches which comply with the requirements set (even if scheduling was set for a future date). After this, the next deployment will be done according to the set schedule.

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Re: It’s here! Automation for Patch Management

Great it is here...

It does not work though...but its here.Automation fail.png


Coupled with the fact that the intial release without automation is also borked - this is a result.  Well done QA team.  Your work here is done.