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New Features in ITbrain Monitoring & Asset Management

  1. Remote Task Manager

  2. Configurable Online State Check

    This improvement allows you to customize the Online State alert to be triggered immediately, after 5 or 10 minutes when the computer goes offline. 

    The configurable Online State check will improve the reliability of the Offline alerts in different use cases. E.g. If the system takes a few minutes to boot up.  If the machine needs a few minutes to connect to a VPN, mobile connection or any other network.

    Configurable Online Status checkConfigurable Online Status check

  3.  Device Information Section in Device Pop-up

    We now display additional device information right within the device pop-up in the Management Console. 

    Device information displayed: 

    • Computer name
    • Operating system
    • Hardware: Processor, RAM
    • Domain
    • Internal IP
    • External IP
    • Asset Tracking link
    • Remote Task Manager links
      • Show processes
      • Show services

    With this addition, you will be able to support your clients more efficiently.

    Device InformationDevice Information

  4.  Policy Improvements

    Working with policies just became easier.  You can now duplicate policies for all ITbrain Services.

    Also, you can define your own default policy by setting any of your customized policies as the new default one.

    edit policies.PNG


    Please let us know what do you think about the new features and if they are useful to you do not forget to give us a Kudos. 


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