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Former Staff

New dashboard for TeamViewer Backup

We’d like to present you with the brand new dashboard for TeamViewer Backup!

This new dashboard is designed to increase efficiency and improve your overall experience with TeamViewer Backup. Now you will have a clear overview of all devices, so you can react quickly and stay proactive, saving you time.

Backup Device View_2.png

Based on the feedback we received from our users, we’ve added a search box designed to help you locate your devices faster – just type in a device’s name and search. We’ve also added the option to filter, giving you the ability to sort devices by group name or by backup status. Now, users can easily select devices with a completed backup, where the backup is paused, in progress, or has failed.

Backup Device View_1.png


Have a look at the new Backup dashboard and enjoy! Please feel free to share your feedback.