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Change ID on cloned Ubuntu Server

[Edit] I got it working now, deleted the config folder and restarted the machine. 

[Edit2] Now everytime the machine reboots, it asks me to set up my password and accept the terms of use. Fix for this? 

[Edit3] Got it working now, the issue was that I deleted the whole config folder instead of only the config file.

Hello, I haven't been able to change the Teamviewer ID on my cloned machine. The weird thing is that out of 14 cloned machines, only 8 have the same ID. I've already tried  this 

sudo teamviewer daemon stop

vi /opt/teamviewer/config/global.conf
[int32] MIDForceUpdate = 3

sudo teamviewer daemon start

and it didn't work. Thanks for help in advance. Best regards.