Posted by CraigCurtin

Definitive Guide to Teamviewer Host on a headless Centos 7 server ?


Long time user of teamviewer and have it running on a couple of older Centos 6 boxes in headless mode OK.

Have setup a new Centos 7 Headless server and can not get the installation to succeed.

The Centos server is 64-bit, all latest updates run

I have downloaded Teamviewer Host version, 14, 13, 12 (using WGET) and pulling down the RPM package

After much searching on the forum and a lot of circular references to solutions that do not appear to work - i can not get this to install - it continually fails on QT5 dependencies.

Is there a definitive install guide (for any version of TV) that will work on a new Centos 7 (Minimal server) install ?