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Flickering with nVidia "allow flipping" - TV 14.014470

There's a bug with this version, where if nVidia OpenGL "Allow Flipping" is turned on in Unity Ubuntu 18.04 (tested w/ G-Sync monitor) it will cause constant flickering. You must turn Allow Flipping OFF to get it to be smooth. (Windows 10 remotely controlling Ubuntu)


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Re: Flickering with nVidia "allow flipping" - TV 14.014470

@DesertShadow, I moved this to a new topic.

I doubt that this is a problem specific to a certain release of TeamViewer. You're welcome to prove me wrong, then we can investigate. Run "teamviewer repo list" to see the versions you can downgrade to. The oldest you can try is teamviewer-host-12.1.83885.

I think this is an optimization by nVidia that can cause problems, and they had reasons to make it optional. (Or is it the default?)


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