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Posted by mvrozanti

Linux release is a joke.

Cannot run the app. Few problems from the get go on Arch Linux:

1 - Within 3 clicks of your homepage I get to a 404 page.

2 - Upon downloading *.tar 14.0.12762 for Linux and extract it, I see this contradiction:

sudo ./tv-setup install

    -=-   TeamViewer tar.xz interactive installation   -=-

 Checking dependencies

 Analyzing dependencies ...

        All library dependencies (*.so) seem to be satisfied!

        QtQuickControls seems to be missing
Serious Problem - installation should be aborted
 Missing libraries
    TeamViewer will not be operational without these libraries. Please install them and try again.
    Continue (y) or abort (n) ?  [Y/n]? n

If "all library dependencies seem to be satisfied" why is it followed by a Serious Problem: a missing library? Ok, let's disregard such lack of quality in dependency check. At least there's truthful and useful logging going on right? Nope: Both `qt5-quickcontrols` and `qt5-quickcontrols2` are installed. The problem persists: I try and open `teamviewer` executable and it shows

CheckCPU: SSE2 support: yes
Checking setup...
Launching TeamViewer ...
Starting network process (no daemon)
Network process already started (or error)
Launching TeamViewer GUI ...

I could post `logfiles/DependencyCheck.log` but I think you already have a clue to what's going on.

3 - The directory tree is an absolute mess - many executables overlapping each other. Why make such an underwhelming program? Is VNC still needed? It's definitely a good alternative to all this hassle. And most importantly there are no dependant updates on your part.

How do I fix your software?