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Posted by drh27

Shift+tab not working since TeamViewer 12 - any suggestions?

Key combination shift+tab does nothing.  I've been having this problem since TeamViewer 13 for Linux started rolling out, and as of 13.2.13582 it's still unresolved.

I do lots of remote date entry for clients, and the lack of ability to move to a previous field using the keyboard is prohibitive.  I've been holding my clients back at TeamViewer 12, but this isn't ideal.

The problem exists across programs on the remote computer (QuickBooks, spreadsheets, ConnectWise), and using both my desktop and laptop Linux machines as client.  (Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit in both cases.) Remote hosts tested are Windows 7 Home and Windows 10 Pro, as well as the Linux desktop.

Any suggestions on an alternate key combination to function as a back-tab, or communication about when this might be fixed would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted by galvrz

Re: Shift+tab not working since TeamViewer 12 - any suggestions?

The issue is that the OS is intercepting the kesy before treamviewer can get it and pass it to the guest.

If you are using xorg try setxkbmap -option srvrkeys:none will prevent the host OS from getting the keys. setxkbmap -option '' will restore the original behavior.