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TeamViewer 13 FULL VERSION not a half baked Preview!!

TeamViewer 13 has been the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced with TeamViewer. I have paid to use TeamViewer 13 as a full and proper version with all the features and abilities of TeamViewer 12 and it is now August of 2018 and I am still to have a full and ready to use version of TeamViewer 13 I can use on my Linux Business Computers. I tried the other day to use the updated TeamViewer 13 for Linux and I had to apologise to my client and downgrade back to TeamViewer 12 so I could provide proper, reliable remote support. I honestly believe 2018 will pass and TeamViewer 14 will be released before we are given a full, reliable and feature rich version of TeamViewer 13 which can operate and function the same as TeamViewer 12 does. Until a full and matching version of TeamViewer 13 is released there should be a clone of TeamViewer 12 with a upgraded Version being “13” so we can do the work we paid so much to be able to do, not this preview garbage that has been incomplete since it was released and is an embarrassment when I look incapable when it is the “preview version of 13” not having all the features TeamViewer 12 has.