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Posted by Tuatini

Teamviewer GUI messed up


I'm having an issue with teamviewer 14 on Arch linux (Manjaro Deepin edition). I installed Teamviewer via the AUR repo (and also tried the standalone app on the website) and when I open it in both cases I get a display like this:screenshot.png

Any idea what is causing this and how I can solve it? Thanks!

2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by jigglywiggly

Re: Teamviewer GUI messed up

I am also having the exact same issue, I am also on Manjaro Deepin.


Posted by coolasbreeze

Re: Teamviewer GUI messed up

Getting the same issue. I have tried it in several different resolutions and scaling. same issue.

Kubuntu 19:10
TV: 14.7.1965 (Oct 10th release)

Screenshot below


2019-10-29 08_55_55-My Images for coolasbreeze - TeamViewer Community.png2019-10-29 08_56_15-My Images for coolasbreeze - TeamViewer Community.png