Posted by Jackalope

Unable to connect to my mom's computer because it says she is on newer version? But we are both on 13?

I'm helping my mom put up an Ubuntu 18.04 NextCloud 14.03 cloudserver in her house. She lives far away so last time I was at her place I installed TeamViewer 13 on there and added her computer as a confirmed device.

I also have TeamViewer 13 on my own Ubuntu 18.04 server, and I needed to trouble shoot a problem she was having so I tried to connect to it but TeamViewer keeps telling me that she is running on a newer version and therefore I can't connect. But she's not. She's running the same version as me. I even completely uninstall and reinstalled TeamViewer on my machine and used `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade` to make sure that everything was up to date.

So what's the deal? I guess maybe her machine could have automatically updated itself to Team Viewer 14 preview or something maybe?