Posted by Guyver1

Unreliable initial connection on Fedora30

I've started using Fedora30 as my main gaming PC OS at home.

I have a 4 bay SSD drive caddy that allows me to have my windows 10 install on 2 disks and my fedora30 install on the other 2 disk and i just shutdown and plugin whichever disks (OS) I want to boot into.

This is a long winded way of saying 'identical hardware'.

When using Windows and teamviewer I have NEVER had any issues connecting into my home PC's.

Wehn using Fedora30 I get nothing but issues and error messages when atempting to make the initial connection. Its as if the teamviewer client on linux isnt permanently 'listening' for incomming connections and so if you dont make a connection attempt at the exact time it will not connect and I usually get some error about could not connect to router or some other error message.

If i spam the connect button enough it will eventually connect or I'll get the other message about I've tried too many connection attempts and I need to wait.

If i then try to connect to my wifes windows 10 latop, it will connect immediately and first time without any issues.

To me that indicates there are issues with the linux client.

Is this a known issue? are there any workarounds to improve the connection rate on linux?