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Unable to remotely control Moto e6 mobile phones

Hello TeamViewer Community,

I have two family members that own Moto e6 mobile phones (one family member uses Consumer Cellular and one uses Verizon Wireless). I have downloaded the TeamViewer QuickSupport application on both of their devices and when they provide me with their ID numbers and they press "Allow" to start the remote control session, a popup appears on the device screen saying that special access must be granted for a remote control session to start. They click on "Open Settings" but the Settings screen does not appear. The device just goes back to the same popup. I cannot find a special access option in either device's settings. I am able to see the device's battery, CPU temperature, etc. and I am able to send and receive chat messages but I am unable to remotely control either device. When "Open Settings" is clicked, on my end, a message appears that says the connection request was declined. Is there a solution to this issue?

Thank you.