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Windows 10 File Explorer delays w/TeamViewer for Android

Samsung GS6E+ (SM-G928V)\TeamViewer v14.6.236 CL

I've noticed over the last couple months or more, that regardless of whether my phone & Win10 PC are on the same WiFi network or I'm remote and accessing it via mobile data, performance is perfect until I try to open File Explorer. For instance, when I double-click on My Computer, Recycling Bin, etc, it will freeze for about 10 seconds, then once said folder is open I can continue browsing at normal, undelayed speed.

Just as well, when right-clicking on files to copy\cut\paste\delete, it will freeze there as well. I could MAYBE understand if it was general lag, as in a delay in all actions, but it's almost as if the mobile app hangs while trying to translate what File Explorer is doing.

I'm not overly familiar with the logs so maybe someone can direct me on what to look for. The mobile logs are much more verbose compared to the PC logs. I saw a few lines regarding the KeepAlive timer, as though the connection was timing out then immediately reconnecting, but the logs didn't align with the number of times I tested opening a folder with delay. I toggled between using the UDP and not - no difference. Saw a number of audio transmission\VOIP logs, so disabled transferring PC audio - no dice.

It's not a huge thing, but normally when I remote into my PC it's for something quick and the delay in opening folders is pretty annoying. If anyone has seen this and has any ideas it'd be much appreciated.