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Android Pinned Windows

So I've come across a bit of a problem when trying to access the tablets remotely.

At our organisation, our tablets are primarily for use on a trade counter usage. Customers come in and sign douments when picking up orders as opposed to signing a paper reciept.

To stop the customers from toying with the tablets and using them outside their intended purposes, the software that we use for the signatures is pinned to the screen, aka, it requires a password to un-pin.

This is where it gets bad; to un-pin the screen, I am required to hold the 'recent' and 'back' keys on the tablet.

As far as im aware, there is no way to long press the screen on the tablet via TeamViewer host, nor can I press both keys simultaneously as im remote controlling the device from a PC using a mouse and keyboard.

This does work when using another Android device, however it is very inconvienient having to pull out my phone or tablet every time I want to manage a portable device.

Maybe add this function in a 'Actions' tab whilst remote viewing the screen from a PC for future versions of TeamViewer Host for Android / Samsung?

Is there any other work around except for the one ive already found above as I only found this out of sheer curiosity and frustration when trying to find a way around this.

Many thanks


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Re: Android Pinned Windows


i guess it's a bit late, you can also do it with laptop who have touch screen, it works.

Have a nice day