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Cell phone constantly "Offline"

Hi, folks! My name is Mark, and I am an IT professional's worst nightmare! I'm the guy who calls and asks how to get the PC to open its cupholder. I'm the guy who reports that his computer is broken and will not turn on...but never checks if it's plugged in. I don't know what HTML stands for! In short...I'm not an IT professional. (But some of my best friends are IT professionals.)

ANYWHO...a buddy recommended Team Viewer as a way to monitor my kids' device usage. I have the TeamViewer app on my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+). I have the Samsung Host app on my kids' phones. One of these is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (a hand-me-down from his mom). The Note 5 constantly shows as "Offline," even when the phone is on or in-use. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice. For a little while (maybe 30 minutes) after reinstalling, everything works fine. Then the Note 5 goes back to showing as "Offline."

For reference, my other son has a hand-me-down Galaxy Edge 6+, and the Team Viewer app works fine.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong with the Note 5 and how I might fix it?

I welcome your derision and mockery for my lack of IT skills and knowledge. It's something I'm accustomed to and fully expect. But after that's done, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Mark P.

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3 Replies
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Re: Cell phone constantly "Offline"

I have two thoughts, One is I'm not sure if the Note 5 is old enough that the current TeamViewer host does not stay running. The other thought is, Is your son running an Auto Task Killer, or shutting it down. Not in a nefarious way, just he finds it's using resources and wants the phone to work well, so he closes it.

Have you tried holding on to the phone (not giving it back to him) and seeing if it works longer, does the phone being plugged in make a difference?

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Re: Cell phone constantly "Offline"

What do you mean by: "...is old enough that the current TeamViewer host does not stay running."?

What versions of Android do support the Host app and which don't?

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Re: Cell phone constantly "Offline"

Yes, it is useless.
I will do an application which allows us to run teamviewer host on demand.
Using a push notification or another stuff.