GUI orientation is incorrect (Teamviewer Host App Android)

I have a Portrait signage screen running Android 4.4.4. I want to be able to control from my Win10 PC. So I installed Teamviewer on the PC and the Teamviewer Host App on the Android.

Problem is when I connect and Teamviewer and it shows the preview screen in portrait, which is correct and the GUI in portrait also correct, for some reason the Android GUI has been flipped 90 degrees> as you see in my image. Which means that the bottom of the GUI cannot be seen as it is going ot of the preview on the left. I cannot seem to find a solution. Any ideas? :(

I attached an image of the screen I have + screen grab of my problem in teamviewer.

Halp.PNGPortrait screen and Portrait GUI Not correctitem-02.PNGScreen I haveDetails.PNGScreen Details

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Re: GUI orientation is incorrect (Teamviewer Host App Android)

I found same this problem.