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Posted by JohnNada

Looking for help and/or advice

Hello everyone, 

I am looking for help or advice on the best solution for my current situation. I need to use TeamViewer to remotely access the phone and control it at my wife's house when we are not there. It is very important to us that this remote connection is very good and stable so we avoid potential problems at the house. I decided to purchase a new and good phone and was thinking to buy a new Huawei P30 Pro. Can you please advise me on this phone, first of all, if TeamViewer will work on it and will we be able to connect and control that phone from our pc without any problems? Or if anyone has another recommendation about selecting the best phone for what I need, I would appreciate this a lot.

Thank you all.

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1 Reply
Posted by EB79

Re: Looking for help and/or advice

Not sure about the combination P30 and Teamviewer, as the P30 doesn't seem to allow for screen timeout longer than 10 minutes. So if you were to use TeamViewer, I guess you would end up having to control your phone actively within 10 minutes from last time?

From your description, I think you actually need neither the P30 nor Teamviewer - this sounds more like a scenario for "Alfred Camera". TeamViewer, on the other hand, will be perfect when you want to utilise the extreme zoom offered by P30 and don't want shaking hand movements to ruin your pics. But for using a phone as a CCTV, you will probably not need more than the 2x zoom that Alfred Camera allows for in paid mode.