Posted by irishmat

No remote botton

when i use my laptop teamviewer 12 im try to fix my friends Android box he has teamviewer quick support i have done this before connect to android boxes no problems but the last few days i have been trying everything to remote control the Android box on my laptop their is no remote control botton but when i connect to my android phone no problem thiers a remote control what am i doing wrong please help.

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2 Replies
Posted by bartlanz

Re: No remote botton

This has been being reported lately. I think TeamViewer either disabled it or broke it when they released an update.

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by 9_Mad-Max_5

Re: No remote botton


Actuallly i have the same problem with my Andoid Box.

Maybe the reason is while its rooted.

On my Z5 unrooted i could easyli push it.