Posted by pzsnipersss

TeamViewer Host times out and disconnects (android)

hi, i think i'm going crazy. i need to remote control my android device (i'm trying with s8, huawei p8 and samsung j3) and on all of this devices i got the SAME PROBLEM! i start teamviewer host (i cannot put hands on device cuz i'm really far) and for some minutes the connection is ok, after some time the connection runs out. But the problem is that I cannot connect to the phone when is locked, i tried everything reading past topics but nothing, i tried to optimize the background settings and battery settings, but after some time the phone go offline and i cannot connect anymore from teamviewer on the pc. i think that is a problem of background app management. i need to be able to start teamviewer host and connect after 2 hours, but this app is fully bugged. i found topics of some years ago, possible that a software that cost thousands of dollars is bugged on its main function? and after many yrs there are not solutions?