Posted by TwanAriens

Lost recovery code and crashed phone

I am messaging you from a new created account since I lost my security code (due to a crashed phone). I also lost my recovery key which causes that I can't login on my original account (email removed per Community Guidelines).

Could you tell me what to do so I can recover my account?

With kind regards,

Twan Ariens

Posted by LiamK

Two Factor Authentication


My phone screen broke so I cannot access my authenticator and I do not have a recovery code. I would like to access my TV account on my new phone. I still am still logged in to my account on my computer. Can you please help me access my account on my new phone?



Posted by dickey-mallory

Re: lost recovery code and wiped phone

my phone died and I lost the recovery key for account. I dont care about the pcs attached to that account. I would just like to use the email again for my personal account. Can you help reset? I can reply from that address if you need proof I have access to that email address. 

Posted by AndreValafa

Re: 2 factor authenticator lost

Same problem here can you please help me too?

Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: 2 factor authenticator lost

Hi, @LiamK@dickey-mallory  and @AndreValafa

Thank you for your post and sorry for the late reply.

If your TFA issue has not been fixed, kindly Private Message me your TeamViewer account to the Community moderator please. We will assist you further once you have sent your account.

Many Thanks.


Posted by LiamK

Re: 2 factor authenticator lost

I posted that almost 2 months ago. I have since solved the problem