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This article applies to all TeamViewer Pilot users.

Remote camera sharing and real-time video streaming

  • As soon as the person requesting assistance accepts the call from the remote expert, the smartphone/tablet camera image is transmitted in real time to the expert in front of a Windows or Mac computer.


  • Both connection partners can talk to each other over VoIP.
  • For better audio quality, especially in a noisy environment, we recommend using a headset.

3D annotations

  • By tapping on the mobile screen or left clicking on the mouse respectively, both connection partners can place 3D arrows that stick to real objects. To distinguish who placed the arrows, they have different colors.
  • To make sure you are talking about the same issue; every arrow includes a number.
  • Both connection partners can undo placing their last arrow.
  • Upon confirmation, both connection partners can remove all markers placed within the session.


  • The person using the Pilot smartphone/tablet app can create video tutorials, without establishing a remote connection.
  • Within the video, it is possible to place 3D arrows that stick to real objects.
  • After recording the video, including a voiceover if desired, it is possible to save or directly share the video with someone else.

Freeze Image

  • Pause the video stream to get a clear still image to highlight and discuss technical details, as well as work hands-free.

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