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This article applies to all TeamViewer Pilot users.

Remote camera sharing and real-time video streaming

  • As soon as the person requesting assistance accepts the call from the remote expert, the smartphone/tablet camera image is transmitted in real time to the expert in front of a Windows or Mac computer.


  • Both connection partners can talk to each other over VoIP.
  • For better audio quality, especially in a noisy environment, we recommend using a headset.

3D annotations

  • The one receiving support as well as the expert can create 3D arrows. To distinguish who placed the arrows, they have different colors.
    • Receiving side: By tapping on the mobile screen you can place 3D arrows that stick to real objects.
    • Expert side: By left-clicking on the mouse you can place 3D arrows that stick to real objects. 
  • To make sure you are talking about the same issue; every arrow includes a number.
  • Both connection partners can undo placing their last arrow.
  • Upon confirmation, both connection partners can remove all markers placed within the session.

Share ID easily

The one receiving support can easily share his/her ID with the expert side to receive a TeamViewer Pilot session:

  1. Install the TeamViewer Pilot App on your mobile device:
    1. Google Play
    2. App Store
  2. Start the app on your mobile device
  3. The app will ask you for permission to use your microphone and camera as well as to send you notifications. Please accept the request.
  4. Prepare to share your ID with the one giving support via telephone, SMS (messaging), WhatsApp, email, etc.

Hint: One click session join: New users can be invited to a Pilot session by sending them a session link via SMS. 


  • The person using the Pilot smartphone/tablet app can create video tutorials, without establishing a remote connection.
  • Within the video, it is possible to place 3D arrows that stick to real objects.
  • After recording the video, including a voiceover if desired, it is possible to save or directly share the video with someone else.

Freeze Image

  • Pause the video stream to get a clear still image to highlight and discuss technical details, as well as work hands-free.


  • The expert can make screenshots from within the menu in the lower right corner of the connection windowTake screenshot.png


  • After clicking on the camera icon, the explorer opens and you can choose a path to save the screenshot


  • Via Files & Extras the expert click on Start session recording Session Recording.png


  • This causes a PopUp on the receiving side informing the mobile device user that the Expert wants to record the session. The recording starts only after the request has been accepted by the one on the mobile device.

  • The Screen Recording button turns red as an indicator that the session is currently being recorded Session Recording on.png


  • Clicking on the button again (now named Stop recording) will stop the recording. The explorer opens and the expert can choose a path to save the recording in the .webm format. This format can be opened with most regular web-players e.g. with a VLC player. 
  • If you do not select a path to save the file, a PopUp appears asking the expert whether s/he wants to discard the recorded session file. Clicking on Discard will discard the file, clicking on Cancel will open up the explorer again to choose a path to save the file.

Send files

  • The expert can send files to the mobile device by clicking on the respective icon from within the menu in the lower right corner of the connection windowSend files.png


  • After clicking on this icon, the TeamViewer file transfer window pops up and the expert can choose the file to be sent to the mobile device or from the mobile device to the expert. 
  • Depending on the direction of the file transfer, the expert or the receiving side gets a notification (mobile device) or the explorer popping up to save the file (expert side)Notification on mobile deviceNotification on mobile device


For our Tensor customers:

  • Support of Tensor customers with Conditional Access to connect to dedicated infrastructure and automatically add devices into the Computers & Contacts list
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