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2 questions about the recent changes

1. Why are old features being locked behind paywalls it makes no sense now new features sure I can understand to have those behind one for a while or forever but to say "oh black screen feature ya let's put that behind a paywall next to others" is kinda just silly
2. Why do I keep getting the "this software seems to be used in commercial environments" message when all I ever use teamviewer for is to control my PCs in my house from my phone/transfer data between them on the fly
What makes it trigger? As nothing on my network would point to it so that would mean geolocation but flaw with that is countries like new Zealand (where I live) where our IPS do not directly correspond to a physical location at all(house or office location or anything like that) so I doubt that would be it so what triggers it? As the whole "connection will be terminated after 5 minutes" is just **bleep** and smells like a cash grab in hopes that it makes people buy TV in order to keep using it

But to me all these changes towards forcing people to buy screams like "we have to please shareholders" over "we have to provide a great product and keep customers happy"

So ya why the changes that make TV go from great to good and slowly getting worse? With all its quirks I still love TV and see it as one of the best for remote control but if this keeps up I honestly will have to start wondering what other product to replace TV with :(