A solution to the problem of a resource manager losing its response ,一次资源管理器失去响应的问题的解决


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A solution to the problem of a resource manager losing its response ,一次资源管理器失去响应的问题的解决

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A solution to the problem of a resource manager losing its response
Once again, after windows update, after the computer starts, sometimes the right-click property menu is opened, which resu lts in the resource manager losing its response. Sometimes, the advanced security settings in the attribute Security tab cause the resource manager to lose the response.
Two, to speculate on possible problems:
0x0, system problems.
0x1, hard disk may lose response at that time.
0x2, resource manager poisoning, or a shell program or module that has compatibility problems.
Three, the problem is excluded:
0x0, reloading system.  It has important data, skipping.  And I have a good habit of using the system, but even if this still doesn't rule out system problems, people are not  confident at a critical moment.
0x1, update disk controller drive, check disk settings.  S.M.A.R.T information is normal, the test continuous reading and writing, there is no problem.
0x2, check resource manager MD5 and SHA1, normal.  But the module can't be viewed intuitively.  Then the main analysis of the resource manager module.
Four, verify the hypothesis:
0x0, enter the safe mode, the performance of normal, no suspended animation, this assumption is likely to correct, but sti ll not sure.
0x1, because the latest version of win10 has no tools similar to IceSword in the XP era, PC Hunter does not support w in10 16299, so there is no good sword to increase the tedious degree of verification.  For easy viewing, the procexp tool is used, but because of the number of modules, it can not be easily excluded, and  the module can not be unloaded.
0x2, reproduce the problem, open the task manager, export the process dump file, use WinDbg to see, there are four excepti on, namely tv_x64.dll, 7-zip.dll, gvimext.dll, DragExt64.dll, and unknow is isoshl64.dll.
0x3, because it can not uninstall the module, it will end all the related process module, the module file all increased. Bak suffix to prevent loading, restart the explorer, the problem really excluded, verify, then the next need to test which  is caused by loss of response module.
0x4, change the file name all back, and then leave a isoshl64.dll.bak, because this is unknow, but the discovery is still normal, indicating that it is not the module.
0x5, think of 7-zip.dll, gvimext.dll, DragExt64.dll three modules corresponding to the software 7-Zip, Vim, WinSCP, and ve rsion are very old, may be compatible problems, so renamed it, prevent loading, restart resource manager, the problem is s till.
0x6, try holding the attitude, the tv_x64.dll (corresponding software TeamViewer 13.0.6447) name, stop loading, restart th e explorer, TeamViewer 13.0.6447 prompts lost documents, point to determine whether it, the problem really ruled out, so t he problem identified in the TeamViewer 13.0.6447 tv_x64.
0x7, TeamViewer 13.0.6447 will be unloaded, and the problem is excluded. It will be analyzed further.
Five, draw the conclusion:
The presence of exception in the TeamViewer 13.0.6447's tv_x64.dll causes the resource manager to lose the response after opening the advanced security settings window.
0x1, has given feedback to TeamViewer.
0x2, took further analysis between modules, please wait for the following.
0x3, the problem is on the way.
0x4, reprint please indicate.


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0x0、重装系统。  ——有重要数据,略过。并且本人用系统的习惯极好但是即使如此仍然不排除系统问题,人在关键时刻是没有信心的。。






0x1、由于最新版的win10没有类似于xp时代的IceSword的工具,PC Hunter不支持win10 16299,因此没有良好的手里剑,增加了验证繁琐程度。为了便于查看,使用了procexp工具,但是由于模块众多,无法方便的排除,也不能卸载模块。





0x6、抱着试试的心态,将tv_x64.dll(对应软件TeamViewer 13.0.6447)改名,阻止加载,重启资源管理器,TeamViewer 13.0.6447提示丢失文件,点确定,不管它,问题果然排除,于是问题确认在TeamViewer 13.0.6447tv_x64

0x7,将TeamViewer 13.0.6447卸载,问题排除,正常,原本进一步分析原因,但是想想又是调试,又是捕捉,麻烦的很,暂时停止。



       TeamViewer 13.0.6447tv_x64.dll出现exception导致资源管理器打开高级安全设置窗口后失去响应。