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Account assignment popup after silent installation of Customised Teamviewer Host

Hello all,

I have created a custom Host Module with our corporate logo and text to deploy to our 1k+ windows laptop fleet, i chose to download the deployment package which has given me a Teamviewer_Host_Setup.exe, which installs perfectly with the /S switch to run silently, apart from that it pops up a confirmation box called Account Assignment with a button called Allow and Finish that needs to be clicked to complete the install and add the computer to a group.
Please see attached photo of the popup and install command.

Is there a switch or some reg settings we can use to prevent this popup? Deployment of the software needs to be completely silent.

Thanks in advance.


2 Replies
2 Replies
Posted by tas7330

any updates on this issue?




Posted by Marcus_B

Still no updates ?

still no updates ? 

facing the same problem