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Black and Whitelists

For some reason I think Teamviewer is making it more difficult inside teamviewerprogs. Simple to get private users seperated from business-users. All questions about white and blacklists are answered a bit misty like ´walking around the real issues´.

Why are these popups coming more frequently after using Teamviewer for years than otherwise?

Just explain me, I use TV for years between two ID´s for years, suddenly I am marked as ´non-private´ and I cannot do a thing anymore.

You come with misty answers about white and blacklists, but nothing changed, really nothing. Just the same connections and the same PC´s and the same ID´s. So ? What is really happening with Teamviewer ?

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Re: Black and Whitelists

HI @FrankVo

Thanks for your post. 

I am not sure if I understand you post correctly: Do you have a question about the Black- and Whitelist feature in TeamViewer or do you get a message about commercial use suspected?

For case 1: Just feel free to post your question here.

For case 2: Please see this Knowledge Base article about commercial usage.

Thanks and all the best, Esther

Community Manager

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