Posted by nessz07

Computer and Contacts are not showing for Mac

Just updated and installed Teamviewer 13. Computers and contacts are not showing up on the software however when I log into management console via web browser the computers and contacts are all there.

How do I get it to synch? I had previously experienced issues with the previous update where Teamviewer did not even open at all when I tried to open it. It would just shut down itself.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.03.22 pm.pngNo computers/contacts showing

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Posted by Michael615

Re: Computer and Contacts are not showing for Mac

I have this same problem intermittently.  Sometimes I can exit the program and come back and it works fine, and other times (like right now), nothing seems to help. 

Sometimes it will give me the login screen, asking for my username and password, but the password field will be blank (despite having it set to auto-login)... but when I type my password, the login button won't appear properly.  As in, it's greyed out.  


Again, if I quit the application and open it again, sometimes that will fix it and sometimes it won't.  

Posted by NightFox

Re: Computer and Contacts are not showing for Mac

Just give it a moment. If your ID was change it will take a little bit to reconnect to  your clients and or contacts. All IDs are connected via your email account. So there may be some syncing taking place. Give it a few to let it sync