Posted by aplocher

Consistent blue screen of death with latest TV12 build on Windows 10 (15002 and 15007)

Hello,  I'm consistently receiving BSOD's when I try to Exit or Uninstall TeamViewer.  I was able to finally uninstall it in Safe Mode, but I've tried clearing out my %LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamViewer and %APPDATA%\TeamViewer folders, then reinstall and I receive the same issue.

I'm on Microsoft's Insider build # 15007 currently, but this happened the other day on build 15002, as well.

It seemed to start when I decided to opt in to using the new beta Team Viewer UI.  In fact, it didn't start right away, it seemed to be when I re-opted-OUT of using the new beta UI.  When I tried to disable it, it blue screeened (although when it rebooted it WAS disabled).  Ever since then, rebooting, reinstalling, whatever it might be, doesn't work.  It will always blue screen upon uninstall/exit.  It will occassionally bluescreen at other times, too - so using it is not an option for me currently :(

EDIT: It's actually a green screen of death now (GSOD) as of Windows 10 build 14997