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Posted by smartwombat

Disable Integration Disabled ??

Setting                                                               Value
Disable remote drag & drop integration         Disabled

I can not understand the mind of someone who designs a UI like this.
My first thought is **bleep** does it mean ?
My second thought is **bleep** went through their head ?
And my third thoughts are:

  • What does 'remote' mean in this context ?
  • If disabling the integration is disabled,- then is it enabled ?
  • Who can drag and drop ?
  • From where to where ?
  • If my supporting host is a PC, and the client I am suporting is a Mac - what happens ?

If this is a policy I am configuring for all the users' computers in my company (let's call them clients) does this allow me to drag and drop on their computers form mine ?
Or do I need to enable this on my computer to be able to drag and drop to theirs ?
Or does it need to be enabled on both ends ?

I don't have time (the evaluation period is running out) to try all the combinations and find out what will happen.  If the UI was a little clearer. I might not need to.