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Either or...

I now have to choose between the older but more stable Mac version 12.0.92876 or stick with what is not working for me with Mac version 13.2.14328. It's a no-brainer!! Version 12 works!!..hands down. Until Teamviewer comes up with a patch that addresses the "blackScreen" or the "unable to have control with mouse clicks", I am sticking with version 12. Teamviewer, you have really dropped the ball on this latest release (v13.x.xxxx). Once again, don't ask for more information as there isn't any.

Now, having said all of that, will you (Teamviewer) please send me the URL for the page that will allow me to download the very last iteration of version 12 for the Mac? Can you do that for me? Yes or No...simple as that. I currently have the version 12.0.92876, but I believe that there are one or two after12.0.92876. I was using it but it was overwritten when I upgraded to the worthless (to me) version 13.2.14328. BTW: what are the differences between versions 13.2.5321 and 13.2.14328 - neither of which work with my iMacs. I understand that the v13.x.xxxx upgrades have drawn the line at backward compatibility. Why now? No matter. Until this problem with v13 is fixed, I will continue using v12.0.92876 or if you can furnish me with a download URL for a newer v12, then I will use that.

Make no mistake, Teamviewer. You have a very good product. It seems, though, that this last release was done a little before its time. At any rate, I need all the help I can get.



Alan Blair