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Posted by Rick

Free version keeps changing password

I have the free version 12 on a friend's Windows XP computer.  Connections are fine, but when the XP computer reboots, the password changes and I can't log in unless I use the new password.  How do I keep the other computer connection stable so I can connect?

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Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

RE: Free version keeps changing password

Dear Rick,

Thank you for your contribution.

Could you please check the settings on client side?


If your friend agreed :smileyhappy: you have the option to set a personal password for permanent and unattended access.


I hope it was helpful!!!

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Posted by tamara

Re: RE: Free version keeps changing password

I cant find the page that you show in this to set it so that my password does not change minimum of once a week.  Frustrating because sometimes I am away from home and cannot log in because it has changed my password.  And is it supposed to be through the computer or the cell device that you do it?  I have tried both.