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Full List of Available Command Line Parameters

TV version 11.  TV session is started using the command line. We're found if the user is behind a proxy server that requires authentication, our custom log on screen is not displayed.  The user is shown the default logon screen instead.  This fallback makes sense as the custom screen information has to be obtained from the TV website, which is not available becasue of the proxy server.

Looking at the logs, TV is finding the correct proxy server information through the WPAD file. Authenticating against the proxy server is where the problem starts.

Based on the information found in the Command line parameters page, we added the "ProxyUser" and "ProxyPassword" switches to the command line and provided both switches with valid logon information..  This had no effect.  The user is still presented with the default login screen.

  • The top of the command line parameters page mention that "Some parameters are only available with TeamViewer version 13.2.". But it does not say which parameters these are.  Are the proxy-related switches not supported in version 11?

  • All the examples show the command line using "TeamViewer.exe" with the switches.  We've been using the "QuickSupport" exe e.g.: "TeamViewerQS-enxxxyyyzzz.exe" as the starting point.  Is this incorrect?  The QS seems to just call the main TeamViewer.exe.

Thanks in advance.