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Getting confused with the free license

I have a free license and want to stay with it, BUT just getting this message every time when I want to connect to my computers.
I have 2 MacBook at home and 2 in the office, 1 iPad, 1 iPhone...

Everything just worked well until I update to the version of 14th. 

Can somebody help me what could be the problem or what is going on here? Screenshot 2019-01-13 at 17.58.40.png

Thanks for your answer, in advance! 

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Re: Getting confused with the free license

Based on your comment "2 in the office" and the resulting message, it sounds like your office computers have customised commercial client software. You can't use a free version to connect to an office environment. The free "for personal use" client is for friends and family only. Connecting to your office is considered commercial use, not friends and family.

If it worked prior to upgrading to version 14, then uninstall 14 and go back to whatever you had before. The message also indicates that you can use the QuickSupport client. I would try that version and see what happens.

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Re: Getting confused with the free license

Hi @tbmc,

This would occur if the application on the remote side is marked as "Custom"

To fix this, please uninstall (and be sure to check "remove all settings" then reinstall from here:

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