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Posted by evanly

Hyper-V Preventing TeamViewer Account Sign In

There have been other posts about this before, but still no fix.

When Hyper-V is enabled in Windows 10 Pro, I am unable to sign into my TeamViewer Account in the desktop app. This NOT is a new issue, been around for at least the last couple of months/weeks - I can't quite nail down when it started, but I'd say late July.

I don't think the Hyper-V feature set within Windows should be preventing TeamViewers functionality - in fac,t it never used to, and I can still connect to remote systems via ID/password. It's just the account/contact list features - crazy.

And before it's suggested - no, I don't want to remove and re-add the Hyper-V features and restart just so I can get my TeamViewer contact list - only to have it logged out and locked out when I use Hyper-V again. That's absurd.

I find is rediculous that there is not whisper of a fix for this, after months and many posts.
I'd love to enable Insider Builds on the off-chance this is fixed, but I can't sign in to enable this!

TeamViewer, please advise us on a fix for this.

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