Installing TeamViewer on Another Bootable Device

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Installing TeamViewer on Another Bootable Device

I have a PC (PC1) that has become ia brick due to the update to Windows 10 version 1903.  The USB ports are no longer recognized, therefore my mouse and keyboard no longer work.  Pressing the various setup keys on the keyboard (F2, F12, Delete) during the boot process have no effect, so I can't boot to alternate recovery devices. When this system boots, it goes as far as the signin screen, but the signin box for the password dies not appear.  The issue appears to be a driver mismatch.

The community board for this brand of PC shows other people have the same problem after the upgrade to Windows version 1903.  One person wrote that they had TeamViewer previously installed, before the 1903 upgrade, to start in unattended mode.  The person successfully had a remote connection and corrected the problem.

I have removed the hard drive from that computer and have successfully booted it from another PC (PC2), so I know the disk is good and bootable.

While the system was booted from the other computer, I attempted to install TeamViewer so it would start when the original is booted.  I successfull installed TeamViewer, but the assigned ID is the same ID as the installed TeamViewer on the other computer.  So I have 2 bootable drives with TeamViewer installed with the same TeamViewer ID.

When I put the disk back into PC1 and boot it, and then attempt to remotely access it using a third PC (PC3) (PC2 is shut down so there is only 1 instance of the TeamViewer ID), I receive the message that TeamViewer is not running on the partner computer. 

My question is – Does TeamViewer have a comparison check for the computer running TeamViewer and the device where the TeamViewer software was installed?  In my circumstance, the installation was done on PC2 but the program is running on PC1.

Any suggestions will be helpful. (it will cost me $400 to have the vendor fix the issue).