Posted by WillemGr

Lost ability to connect to XP machine

I have TV 13  to access an XP machine remotely. Worked like a charm, but today I found out this system is no longer accessable, nro from my Windws 10Pro system. I checked the connection parameters and they seem all properly set. But whatever I try, connection fails. for different reasons, but " WaitForConectFailed" .

This XP client has been setup to be in my list of nodes, and easy access was granted. This used to wortk fine.

I updated to the latest version, removed assignment (in Teamviewer, not at the management console) and assignment seems to fail - perhaps because of the fact is it already assigned? Granting easy access however is not possible.

Accessing the client using the ' normal'  way ( ID and password) fails - not even password is asked.

I noted thts on this XP client I am not be able to login. No problesm using Firefox. |This may be another reason why assignment doen't work anymore...

Connecting the other way works - slow, but it works. So it is not a con nection issue

How can I get this connection working again?