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New session request notifications

We are fairly new to Teamviewer. Our goal is to be highly responsive to our clients giving them as immediate response as possible. 

When a client clicks SOS, or requests help from a host module. What we get is a tiny *1 against our logged in profile.. or we get an email. Should there be a Windows alert in the notification area.. or an audio prompt.. or something a little more obvious than an email? Am i missing something here?

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Re: New session request notifications

Hello @JWatson

Thank you for your message.

I'm afraid you are not missing anything. 🙈

You will find all the information about the notifications for service cases requests in our Knowledge Base article here: QuickSupport and SOS button - Receiving notifications

The Emailing, the application notification and the note in the Management Console are the only notifications available for the moment.

If you have any requests or ideas on how to improve this, feel free to post it in our Idea board: Ideas and feature requests. We would appreciate it a lot!

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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