No connection to TeamViewer Server due to Kaspersky


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No connection to TeamViewer Server due to Kaspersky

I rolled out the latest version of Teamviewer on different Windows laptops. And on 2 devices I receive the message:
Kaspersky Internet Security has been found on this computer, this software may be blocking TeamViewer's access to the Internet.

Please check Kaspersky Internet Security settings and make sure that TeamViewer is allows to access th Internet.
Below 3 buttons with Proxy settings, Retry and Cancel.

They all have the same teamviewer and the same kaspersky business version 11 with the same policy. The laptops have all Windows 10.

Someone any idea?


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Re: No connection to TeamViewer Server due to Kaspersky

Hi Systeembeheerde

Indeed the Anti-virus Kaspersky may block TeamViewer. Please check into the security settings of Kaspersky app in order to allow Teamviewer to run on your computer.

You can also check the Kaspersky community to have more information about the trusted app. Click here to go to Kaspersky community

Regarding the proxy button: A proxy is set "only" in a business network. Just advanced private users install a proxy in the home network for a specific reason... So if you use TeamViewer inside your enterprise network please contact your local support. If you use Teamviewer at home you can skip the proxy button.

I hope that will help.

Do not hesitate to tell me if the issue has been fixed. Your answer will help the community