Posted by Evanm

Partner's Windows account randomly logs out because of Teamviewer.

My personal computer is a 2014 Macbook Air, but I also own a 2013 Windows desktop that I run a Minecraft server on. Recently I installed Teamviewer 13 on each machine so that I could manage the Minecraft server remotely from my Mac, and have had problems ever since. 

For example: I may have begun a Teamviewer session with the Windows computer in the early morning (ex. 6am) and then left my Mac at home during the day, but I come home to find that my account on the Windows computer was logged out completely at a random point during the day.

This unexplained logging out of my Windows account has happened regardless of circumstance, too. I've manually closed my TV connections before leaving my Mac idle, left them open, and toggled the "lock remote computer on disconnect", or whatever that setting is called, to off on both machines. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days at a time, but then it might happen 5 times in one day.

This is a major inconvenience, and I appreciate any support.