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Remote to a HyperV machine

Hi there

We use a Hyper-V Terminal for our virtual machines. Since a few days, there is following problem discovered:

I open the virtual machine in the hyper-v machine. the user can connect to this machine through teamviewer.

as soon as I close de virtual machine in hyper-v, it gets disconnected on the users side.

Following error appears (in German):

Der Bildschirm kann im Moment nicht abgegrivven werden. Der Grund hierfür ist wahrscheinlich Fast User Switching oder eine getrennte Remote Desktop Sitzung.

Does any one had the same problem and knows the solution.

Thanks for every help.

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Re: Remote to a HyperV machine

Hi @securiton

Thanks for your message.

Maybe this Knowledge Base article can explain what happens and help you: TeamViewer on Windows servers 

Looking forward to your feedback!

All the best, Esther


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