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SLOW! What seems to be the problem?

Hello all, please help.

What does Teamviewer functions based on? e.g. CPU? Memory? GPU? Internet speed?

Teamviewer is extremly slow, even with no programs running.

I am trying to find out why is this happening.

I am wondering if it is the problem of my receiving PC, maybe the specs are too low?

Please help me confirm. The specs for both PC are (CPU / MEMORY / GPU / INTERNET) as followings:

Receiving PC = CPU J3455, 1.5GHz / Memory 8GB / GPU intel 5500 / DOWN  60Mbps Up 30Mbps

Base PC = CPU intel 7700, 2.8 GHz / Memory 16GB / GeForce 1050 / DOWN 180 Mbps UP 30 Mbps

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Re: SLOW! What seems to be the problem?


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Re: SLOW! What seems to be the problem?

TeamViewer 15 **bleep** completely!

The tool forces us to upgrade to the latest version.

We're subsequently unable to use previous versions (e.g., 13) which perform faster!