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Setting a free account for a friend

I have a Teamviewer business account with one license that I use to provide support to clients. I have a friend that has been using a free account to access her home Pc from work. She has had it before and just ran into a problem.

On her home Pc, it's setup with her PC and an account. She logs into Teamvierwer and always conencts to her PC. Today she calls and says she cannot conenct. I checked and she was on version 11, so I upgraded her at both ends to version 13.

Now, how do I setup the home PC so her password does not change and she can always connect to it?

She is on Windows 7 at home and Mac at work.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Setting a free account for a friend

Hi tgtis,

Thanks for posting.

Go to Extras then Options
Set password 1.PNG


Then navigate to the Security tab set the personal password in the two fields.
Set Password 2.png

I hope this solves this for you.


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