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Support for OSX 10.4 (PPC)

Hi, last release for 10.4 OSX PPC is 7.0 which works fine, well used to until it was decided to not issue a newer version and now altert you to the fact you're using an older version and will be disconnected after 5 minutes. My dear 85 year old Mother is NOT impressed that if she gets stuck, I can no longer log on and show her how to do things. And, yes, she has tried all sorts of newer computers but is happy with her PPC Mac - I had enough complaining when we updated from 9.2!! Is the system smart enough to know that it is a PPC Mac or one running 10.4.11 and not cause the issue?

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Posted by 2jonadab

Re: Support for OSX 10.4 (PPC)

I'm having the same problem without the 85 year old mother and feel like TeamViewer is not going to help