Posted by tnguyen

TV12 Meeting Greyed Out

One of our user is reporting an issue where they are unable to input anything into the Meeting ID or change their Name for a meeting because it is completely greyed out.  They are currently using Teamviewer 12 and is activated with a corporate license.  I've uninstalled, rebooted the machine and reinstalled TV12 but the issue still persists.

I created a test meeting invite via email and sent it to them with the link to join the meeting.  When they click on it, it is prompted to start the TV12 app on the machine.  But after clicking the button to start the meeting on TV12, nothing happens.  We did this again, but this time, he opted to open it in the web browser.  That works, but is not an ideal solution to what we need.

Any ideas on what we can do to resolve this issue?