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Team Viewer License 8 License limit


I have purchased TV8 full license a while ago.
I paid a full price (not monthly subscription).

Due to various reasons like windows reinstalls, laptop changes I have had to activate my licence 9 times.

However they key I got originally can only be used 10 times.
It seems like I wont be able to use TV after 1 more time I do a reinstall.

How can I deal with this issue without having to buy a new version (I'm completely ok with version I am using)? 


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Re: Team Viewer License 8 License limit

Hi @karenpommeroy 

Thank you for your post.

Kindly contact TeamViewer Support Team for license moves reset assistance please. If you are experiencing any issue and can not raise a ticket or call TeamViewer support, please send in a Private Message of your TeamViewer account to TeamViewer community moderator, we are able to help you.

Hope it helps.